Dr Werner, you are a singularity of stupid

We all know that homeopathy is really stupid, just like most alternative medicine. However, when I saw this “lecture” by Dr Charlene Werner, I was astounded by the depths of stupidity that she is able to attain. It’s almost like she’s a kind of Superheroine of Stupidity, with the special power of creating a singularity of stupid. This is of course stupidity that’s so extreme that it tends towards infinity and temporarily makes all reason disappear into a black-hole of scientific incompetence. Wow.

Bottom-line: if you have a brain-cell or two and you care about it, stay very far away from homeopathy. It will make you stupid too.


They pulled that specific video from youtube, probably because they were concerned about Dr. Werner’s reputation going even more to the dogs than it already has (but not as much as it deserves). Fortunately, the video has been mirrored: