I’m in love

… with Vienna.

As mentioned elsewhere, I’m in Vienna at the moment for ECR 2008. Tonight started with a heavenly dinner at the Vital Images party in the Sky Bar. By 22:00, my night was already more or less perfect, mostly due to great company and beautiful food. However, we (an intrepid group of Medical Delta scientists from Delft, Rotterdam and Leiden) decided to go to Der Roter Engel in the Bermuda Triangle, mostly because I insisted that the night would only be complete after some cocktails. Their Long Island Tea was delectable. All of them, as a matter of fact.

In any case, of course I missed the last underground from Schottenring to Schottentor, so I was more or less forced to go for a stroll all the way to Kochgasse in Der Josefstadt, where my apartment is situated, which, by the way, I very strongly recommend to anyone visiting this beautiful city. This wonderful stroll at 1 in the morning simply confirmed my already positive feeling with regards to Vienna: this is a fantastically beautiful city and it has a very mysterious although exceptionally pleasant vibe. I will now have to start plotting nefarious plans in order to be able to come back in the near future and spend a significant amount of time getting to know her better.