ati2evxx is evil. bad_pool_caller evil.

This is really one of those notes to self one leaves all around the show and is later so surprised about when Google finds it in a few years time, thus saving one’s hide. Again. It’s like Back to the Future, only different.

So today I was plagued by BAD_POOL_CALLER BSODs at every single restart on my XP SP2 HP NC8430 laptop (acronyms rule o.k.). I fired up my windbg, pointed its symbol file path at “SRV* c:\dbgsymbols*” (you should probably remove the spaces after the *s) and loaded the latest memory minidump from windows\minidump (XP makes these by default). The backtrace pointed out the culprit: It was ati2evxx.exe, the infamous i’m-not-sure-what-exactly-i’m-doing-on-your-system ATI hotkey poller. First I nuked it with the brilliant sysinternals procexp, and then permanently nuked it with the equally brilliant sysinternals autoruns. My problems are over. I also feel better after nuking ati2evxx. TAKE THAT, YOU SOULLESS STEAMING P.O.S. SOFTWARE!

P.S. I’m really starting to frighten myself with Windows know-how. I should consider switching primary operating systems again.

P.P.S. Of course it was not that simple. ati2evxx turns out to be more important than “hot key poller” after all. It’s also responsible for updating PowerPlay settings, especially important for laptop users. So, I had to un-nuke it… after some more crashing and crash dump analysis, “avipbb.sys” rears its ugly head. Turns out this is part of the Avira Anti-Rootkit component. I’ve disabled this and can now reboot again without the BAD_POOL_CALLER BSOD. When I have more time, I’ll analyse this in some more detail and let you know.

Update on 2007-12-26: Even after having disabled the rootkit scanner in Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs | Avira | Change, I still experienced bad_pool_caller errors every now and then. Based on information in this forum thread, and the fact that crash dump analysis still pointed at avipbb.sys, I then noticed that avipbb.sys was still running as a service. Using sysinternals autoruns, I’ve now disabled this. I’ll keep you posted.