Python-enabled VTK 5.1 and ITK 3.2 Windows binaries

You can always check my Latest VTK Windows binaries page to make sure you have the latest blog posting and hence the latest VTK binaries.

Get your Python 2.4-enabled VTK 5.1 (Paraview-3-0 branch as of 20070801) and ITK 3.2 Windows binaries by clicking on the following link:

IMPORTANT: you HAVE TO to install the MS VS2005 vcredist_x86 package (free!) if you want to use these DLLs (thanks Jelle for pointing this out). In future, I might include the relevant assemblies in the downloads, I’ll let you know.

I’ve built these with Visual Studio 2005 (8.0) SP1 for Python 2.4.x (NOT 2.5) on Windows XP SP2. ITK has been built with the brilliant built-in WrapITK support. VTK has been modified with my python-exception-patches (I hope to commit these to VTK CVS soon). I’ve also rebased all DLL and PYD files so they don’t have to be relocated at run-time, saving you time and memory.

I’m making these available as they might coincidentally scratch someone else’s itch. I have no time to build binaries with your specific configuration requests, so please don’t ask. :)

That being said, please leave a comment on this blog posting if you use these. It’s almost like postcard-ware, but with blog comments. Please also link to this page and not directly to the download location, thanks!

To use this from Python, you need to add the following to your PATH:

  • d:\opt\VTK\bin
  • d:\opt\ITK\bin
  • d:\opt\ITK\lib\InsightToolkit\WrapITK\lib

You also need to add all of the above to PYTHONPATH, as well as the following:

  • d:\opt\ITK\lib\InsightToolkit\WrapITK\Python
  • d:\opt\VTK\lib\site-packages

… where d:\opt is the drive and directory where you unpacked the two ZIP files.
Once you’ve done this and logged out and in again, “import vtk” and “import itk” should work at the Python prompt. Shameless plug: you can use my free envedit software to do the environment editing. It beats the default XP editing thingy.


  • 20071015 M5: VTK now has Parallel kit built as well.
  • 20070909 M4: Changed available types in ITK build. It now has: complex float, float, signed short, unsigned long and vector float, for 2 and 3D.
  • 20070905 M3: Includes fix for extremely obscure progress-event-cancels-VTK-error-exception bug. It’s obscure (as in it was incredibly hard to find) but it could still bite you.
  • 20070829 M2: I’ve put up new VTK binaries (see the M2 in the filename) that include my shader fixes and also an updated version of the wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor (from current CVS head) with more fixes to deal with the new VTK/Python exception support.

58 thoughts on “Python-enabled VTK 5.1 and ITK 3.2 Windows binaries”

  1. Thanks a lot for your earnest.
    I will try GDCM then. It’s not a research after all, and I’m only an undergraduate working on a project (or assignment?).

  2. Hi,

    Are you still planning to share ITK binaries for Python 2.5?

    I’ve been trying to build this library since monday (not full-time), first with MinGW32 (not supported), then with VS2003 (65k lines limitation issue), and now with VS2005…


  3. Ok, thanks a lot, that was quick :)

    BTW, I rapidly took a look at DeVIDE: that is very impressive (a real good publicity for Python and its scientific applications). It doesn’t fit my needs but it has nothing to do with its fantastic features, very powerful. Congratulations.

    Could I bother you with some questions on private? (on image processing with Python, ITK, …)

    Thanks again for the binaries.

  4. Hi,

    I had the same problem as srx (in, say, PC1). Fortunately, I had another system (say, PC2) where there was no problem, since I had there Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition, which provided the necessary DLLs.

    In PC1 I opened vtk.CommonPythonD.dll with Dependency Walker, and the comparison between PC1 and PC2 showed that I was missing a msvcr80.dll in PC2. Actually, I did not have a WinSxS directory under Windows in PC1.

    I had downloaded vcredist_x86.exe from (as indicated by srx), and installed it. That added a WinSxS directory, but did not add under it the msvcr80.dll version (8.0.50727.1433) that was being loaded by vtk.CommonPythonD.dll, according to Dependency Walker in PC2. So I directly copied the files related to such version from PC2 to PC1. These are
    Directory x86_Microsoft.VC80.CRT_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.1433_x-ww_5cf844d2
    A cat and a manifest files inside Manifests
    A cat and a policy files inside Policies\x86_policy.8.0.Microsoft.VC80.CRT_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_x-ww_77c24773

    I guess that was all. Now I have a working version. I looks strange to me anyway that the files needed were not present in the installation from vcredist_x86.exe

    Hope this helps.

    Besides, I guess that thread
    may suggest that there is a setting in VC++ that can make the manifest not needed.


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