I need a new keyboard

I just realised why I don’t really LIKE my keyboard at home… I used to type on Microsoft Natural Elite keyboards, at home and at work. These were great: split layout, great feel and affordable.

Eventually, it was time to replace my keyboard at home. I bought the Microsoft Natural Multimedia keyboard, thinking it would offer more of the same typing goodness. Unfortunately, as is the case with good things, and especially good things in Microsoft’s possession, they come to and end. These keys have the new patented Spongy Feel(tm). The major feature is that it sucks.

It seems that the Natural Elite (or Pro) is unfortunately not available in NL anymore. I’ll probably have to renovate one of my old Elites, but this is not really a long-term solution.

Does anyone know of any other split layout keyboard that has almost the same key feel as the old Natural Elite or Pro? Lemme know…

2 thoughts on “I need a new keyboard”

  1. I’m using a Natural Multimedia at work, I don’t find it that bad. But then again this is the first “ergonomic” kb I’ve used.

    I’ve looked around a bit, and the only Pro Model I can find is the (wait for it) “Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro refresh.”
    But I don’t know wether it has the original Non-SpongyFeel(TM) or the newer version.

    O yeah, and it only comes in GermanLayout(TM) flavour…

    Here’s the link:
    Maybe you can order it from the Netherlands, I don’t know what their shipping policy is though.

    peace out

  2. Howdy Chris!! Fortunately we have Alternate in NL as well. However, that model _looks_ like it might have SpongyFeel(tm). I’ll have to pop into a MediaMarkt or something to go and investigate.

    For now I’ve taken one of my old Natural Elites out of retirement. After having given it the once over with the frikking vacuum cleaner and a MoistCloth(tm), I’m a happy camper again.

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