GMail Favour

If you feel like doing me a favour and you have a gmail account, login, click on “Help” at the top right, then click on “Contact Us” on the left and then on “Suggest a feature”. You could also just go directly to of course.

Now check the “Customize ‘From:’ address/create an account alias” box, fill in your email address at the bottom and click on “Submit”.

Maybe YOU are destined to be the user that breaks the Camel’s back, or something.

5 thoughts on “GMail Favour”

  1. Cool.

    Dit it, as well as:
    Export my contacts
    Create mailing lists for my contacts
    Automatically apply new filters to old conversations

  2. Goed dat je kon skype vanuit parijs – dan weet je dat er meer medestanders zijn die je advies al opgevolgd hadden en dat je blog ook meer gelezen wordt ……


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