Blagg and WordPress

My infamous weblog aggregator relies on Bloxsom Blagg to do the grunt work.

The WordPress blogs of some of my friends were generating feeds with a CDATA tag in the description field. Blagg let this tag get through into the aggregator post, resulting in these posts not showing any description body. Oh, the tragedy!

The small change needed to fix this can be found here. Astute readers will see, in the lines of this patch, that Perl really does suck.

At some stage, I will have to see about a possible migration to wordpress.

2 thoughts on “Blagg and WordPress”

  1. I figured I’d play around with an RSS aggregator and came across your site as being able to successfully install blagg with MT 2.661. I was hoping you could help as I know it has to be something simple.

    I copied to my MovableType plugins directory, i.e. c:\Inetpub\tmcnet\cgi-bin\plugins directory
    (Note: most people create a folder mt under cgi-bin, i.e. \mt\cgi-bin\, but I installed MT to cgi-bin)

    I made the 1 change in this file:
    $MT_DIR = ‘/inetpub/tmcnet/cgi-bin/’;

    Next I copied blagg.cgi to c:\inetpub\tmcnet\cgi-bin\ and renamed it to (.pl extension executes in CMD shell without prefacing with Perl.exe)

    Then I created created an rss.dat file located in c:\inetpub\tmcnet\cgi-bin\bloxsom\rss.dat

    I added one entry to rss.dat – “voipblog interactively” (no quotes)

    Finally, I tried running blagg. Heres what I get:

    C:\Inetpub\tmcnet\cgi-bin> -mode=interactive -plugin=mt -author=tkeating
    -blogname=”VOIP BLOG – VOIP NEWS, GADGETS”
    Subroutine init redefined at \inetpub\tmcnet\cgi-bin\plugins\ line 38.
    Subroutine post redefined at \inetpub\tmcnet\cgi-bin\plugins\ line 46.
    Subroutine destroy redefined at \inetpub\tmcnet\cgi-bin\plugins\ line 63.
    Couldn’t load ‘VOIP BLOG – VOIP NEWS, GADGETS’ blog

    Any suggestions? Is it possible it’s a security issue. I noticed this executes without my MT password passed as a parameter. How does it access the MT database without a username/password?

    Also, do I need to install Curl? I’m using MT 2.661 installed on Windows IIS running ActivePerl. I don’t think Curl is installed as a default Perl module with ActivePerl.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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