Also moving to anhosting

Dear readers, has now als moved to AN Hosting. I can REALLY recommend these guys; their service is top notch and the price/performance ratio is impressive.

In anycase, the weblogs have already been migrated. That went okay, partly due to Movable Type’s brilliant documentation. It will take a bit longer for the rest of the website to be migrated… I’m evaluating Content Management Systems while we’re shifting things around.

4 thoughts on “Also moving to anhosting”

  1. charl, is hun cms better dan plone, hebben ze / gebruiken ze ook zope op de achtergrond, oftewel wat ik atlijd prettig vind, komt python kennis hier goed van pas of moet er weer iets nieuws geleerd worden ?

    Het ziet er mooi uit. Better van webaxxs ?

    PS voor dadelijk neem station gouda goverwelle en bel maar dan kom ik jullie op halen, al regent het nu nog niet.


  2. I must differ. Been with Anhosts for a while now. Everything was fine until they got bought out by some other company. Then the hassles started.

    My SSL server died. The moron support droids insisted it was my fault. Come…on, I’ve been using Linux while you were still playing doctor with your sister in the trailorpark.

    Now I see that PerlDB is broken/misteriously missing. Which means I can’t use my movable type weblog. Thats in fact a material difference in the offering and contract. Another email flamewar with some redneck trailorpark kid or Indian import awaits…..

  3. I feel I have to throw in my 2 cents worth here too. I am very unimpressed with the support from ANHosting. It took them a *long* time to get my site up in the first place. So far they’ve arbitrarily disabled shell access on my account twice, the support link on the CPanel interface is a dead-end, and they ask ridiculous questions on the support form (when you eventually find it) like which server my site is running on. How am I supposed to know that? The uptime has been good though (after the first week).

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