Andrew October threatens me with legal action!

Dear friends,

In December 14 of 2003, I read an on-line article that made me quite angry. In short, the article told the story of the time-honoured tradition where kids are encouraged to write letters to Father Christmas (or Santa Claus). The Post Office in South Africa had made an address available to which children could send their christmas lists. Andrew October, a South African journalist, lodged a formal complaint and claimed that this could “break the fragile spirits” of South African children.

I found this preposterous. Believing in Father Christmas is one of my most treasured childhood memories, in spite of the fact that he hardly ever brought what I wanted, and Andrew October was doing his best to take this memory away from as many children as possible.

I wrote a weblog calling him a “mal-adjusted and incompetent idiot” and a “recognised moron”. Today, October sent me an email threatening with legal action. It was all the more terrifying because the email came from one of those yahoo email addresses. The email is reproduced below.

But, because I’m a nice guy, I’ve decided to remove the nasty parts of that weblog. However, I still am of the opinion that October’s attention-seeking actions (NOT him though) were feeble-minded and idiotic.

Thank you.

See below for the email.

From: AndyO@Yahoo
Subject: Liable Content
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 15:51:07 +0000 (GMT)

Please note that a comment placed at the link stated
below will result in liable legal action being taken
against you should you not remove it within twenty
four hours (24hrs) as of Friday February 20th 2004 at
18H00 South African time.

Please regard this as a polite warning and please act

The content that is deemed inflammatory is:

Andrew October, Cape Town journalist, you are an idiot

Those of you who personally know Andrew October, Cape
Town journalist, are already aware of the fact that
he’s a mal-adjusted and incompetent idiot. Those of
you who don’t know him should read this article.

Andrew October, Cape Town journalist and recognised
moron, is doing his best to destroy Christmas for the


Posted by cpbotha at December 14, 2003 02:33 PM

Kind regards
Andrew P. October
Cape Town, South Africa

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6 thoughts on “Andrew October threatens me with legal action!”

  1. Mensig Andrew October jy is voorwaar ‘n stupid kont. Ja dis reg, dis KONT met ‘n K. Julle fokken joernaliste eien julself die reg toe om tonne kak oor wie ook al jy lus voel te publiseer – maar sodra iemand ‘n opmerking maak oor jou intellek wat, sal ons sê, ietwat tekort skiet, dan wil jy dagvaar? Charl, waar dink jy sal hy die dagvaardiging doen? Den Haag? Hulle is effe besig met Israel se muur vandag, maar dalk kry Andrew sy saak ingeslip….

    Ok, ek moet waai en gaan seker maak ek trek al die comments wat ek al oor George Bush gemaak het terug. As Andrew so ernstig is hieroor imagine die kak wat ek nou in is…*sidder*

  2. From his lamentable ramblings, it sounds to me like Andrew P. October is the kinda guy who had no friends as a child and was found wanting in amatory parental acceptance.
    “Sorry son, no Christmas presents this year. Father Christmas had a brick take out Rudoplh last night on the N2 near Langa. Doesn’t look like he’s going to make it.”

    I wonder if he was the oke responsible for all those nipple-stars in the Scope magazine.

    [PW] Dis seker waarvoor die ‘P’ staan in sy naam.

  3. Several things spring to mind:

    (1) Freedom of Expression
    – IANAL, but isn’t this protected under free speech laws? Maybe it would have been better prefaced with an “I think that…”.

    (2) What the hell is “liable legal action”?
    – Maybe “libel action” rather than “liable legal action” would be better. I can like to speak English proper.

    (3) I’m willing to bet that the original entry was found thanks to a Googling. Most probably by someone who has (a) too much time on their hands and (b) an over-inflated sense of self-importance.

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