The Visualisation and Image Processing Platform Formerly Known as DSCAS3

The current marketing conditions and long-term strategy dictate a name change. The new name should contain at least the words “Delft”, “Visualisation”, “Image [Processing]”, and then one of “platform”, “framework”, “[software environment]”.

I’m currently looking at “devise” (Delft Visualisation and Image processing Software Environment), “devious” (“ou” not used, the rest you can easily guess) and perhaps “divine” (or “devine”, which I like more, because of the infamous Devine Brown and the fact that I would be able to use acronyms like “PIMP” for Parallel IMage Processing”) which would stand for Delft Visualisation and Image processing Network Environment, which is not an entirely correct description (the network environment is just one aspect) but acceptable nonetheless.

So, what do you think? Do you have any other suggestions?

3 thoughts on “The Visualisation and Image Processing Platform Formerly Known as DSCAS3”

  1. Hey, it’s me.

    What about: ADVISE == Advanced Delft Visualisation and ImageProcessing Software Environment

    It seems this one has already been used for some agricultural visualisation package. Durn.

  2. Me again, two new ones.

    Delve == DELft Visualisation Environment
    Dive == Delft ImageProcessing and Visualisation Environment (obviously this one has been taken for a visualisation app. schmucks.)

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