4 thoughts on “A Gentle Warning”

  1. Congrats at making it this far! A couple of days ago , September 11th to be exact, was the 5 year aniversary of me starting my Ph.D. So you’re still soing fine. I looks like the “European Ph.D. factory” churn out grads at a slightly faster rate than the US though. Over here the average time needed to complete a Ph.D. is 6.7 years (for CS and EE). That of course includes the obligatory 1 year Masters… which over here usualy forms part of the whole Ph.D. package.
    You’re dead-on right about the stress piling on when the end starts approaching. I’ve been a nasty stress-messjob for the last year at least. Luckily I’m about 2 weeks away from handing in my thesis… which is groing (in pages) at an alarming rate.
    So I guess my advice is this: Make your peace! Its going to get worse before it gets better.
    Good luck!

  2. We’re all very proud of you boykie. It will be a special moment when you can introduce yourselves as Dr and Dr Botha.

    The rest of us mere mortals are settling for an obscure life of drinking, rude words and hitting our heads with bottles to keep the intelligent ideas from getting in where they don’t belong. You are transcending us and will evolve into a new social bracket filled with garden parties, Copenhagen and dry white Spritzers. I envy you before I pity you.

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