Scum of the Earth

Computer Professionals. IT Stylists. Computer Engineers. I don’t know what their preferred labels are, but many of these people need a serious attitude adjustment, preferably in the form of a large hammer to be administered regularly to the head and other soft parts of the body.

You know what I’m talking about: those people who work with computers yet think they’re somehow better than than the rest of us. Unskilled labourers who have made peace with the fact that they’re unskilled labourers are the most pleasant and genuine people you’ll find. These computer people however, have come to the ridiculous conclusion that they belong to the genus and species Homo Superior and have therefore deserved the right to live in a permanent haze of condescension towards others.

If you are a computer person, programmer, IT consultant or whatever, my message to you is: At your absolute best, you are no more than very easily replaceable and slightly skilled labour. Please adjust your attitude accordingly.

Thank you. :)

2 thoughts on “Scum of the Earth”

  1. Rubber-Hosed Justice is reserved for the ones you love, as in “Honey, remember our stop-word! *KATICH* YES *KATICH* YES YES *KATICH KATICH*”

    I’m getting carried away again.

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