The plot thickens

Ed has written a letter to Robin Cook, the British member of parliament who recently resigned as cabinet minister in protest over Britain’s handling of the whole fiasco. The letter is also an eloquent and concise summary of the terrifying plans of the American neo-conservatives to reshape the Middle East.


Rudolph has also sent me a link to a much longer article in the Washington Monthly that discussues at length the deceit of these neo-conservatives. The author is not as critical as I would like him to be, but does a good job of examining this American deception from a more objective American perspective. Please take the time to read this!

Once again: The USA is not invading Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people or to prevent Saddam from using his toys of mass destruction. The article spells out the real reason better than I can: “In short, the administration is trying to roll the table–to use U.S. military force, or the threat of it, to reform or topple virtually every regime in the region, from foes like Syria to friends like Egypt, on the theory that it is the undemocratic nature of these regimes that ultimately breeds terrorism.”

I conclude with the following chilling excerpt:

“Today, however, the great majority of the American people have no concept of what kind of conflict the president is leading them into. The White House has presented this as a war to depose Saddam Hussein in order to keep him from acquiring weapons of mass destruction–a goal that the majority of Americans support. But the White House really has in mind an enterprise of a scale, cost, and scope that would be almost impossible to sell to the American public. The White House knows that. So it hasn’t even tried. Instead, it’s focused on getting us into Iraq with the hope of setting off a sequence of events that will draw us inexorably towards the agenda they have in mind.”