You can’t have your cake and eat it

My laptop is now equipped with 768MB of PC2100 DDR RAM. Wow, a year ago it would have been quite a machine! :)

In anycase, the downside of all this is that it takes about 1.5 minutes to resume from disc with Linux kernel 2.4.21-pre5, acpi 20030228 and swsusp v19. If only ACPI S3 suspend-to-ram worked!

3 thoughts on “You can’t have your cake and eat it”

  1. Hmmm.. my IBM T30 has exactly the same amount of RAM (768MB) but it only takes 13 seconds to suspend-to-disk and then about 20 seconds te resume-from-disk. Suspend and resume to RAM takes about 5 seconds both ways. Of course this is under the… err… OtherOS… WindowsXP.

  2. The figures that you quote are droolworthy, especially in the light of my 30-second suspend-to-disc (sometimes rudely interrupted by a kernel oops) and 90 second resume from disc and and absolute lack of suspend to ram.

    There are some smart people (Nigel Cunningham, Pavel Machek, Gabor Kutti, Patrick Mochel and others) working on the Linux suspend-to-disc code, but probably not nearly as many people as MS had on the job optimising the living crap out of the XP suspend/resume functionality.

    Kernel 2.5 (eventually 2.6) will have suspend-to-ram functionality, but at the moment too many of the drivers don’t support the new (and ever-changing) power-saving infrastructure yet.

    At this moment, Linux is definitely not ready for current-generation x86 laptops yet. Deprecated APM support doesn’t count, as most current generation laptops don’t have complete APM functionality anymore.

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