Centrino Notebooks

If you are a rich geek-oriented philanthropist, please buy me this notebook. I believe the world will be a better place once I am in possession of this super light and super battery-efficient ATI FireGL 9000-equipped toy.

I almost forgot… it’s probably going to be another year or three before Linux fully supports all this laptop’s features, but for this juicy piece of hardware I’d probably be willing to do my duty as Microsoft’s bitch, at least for a while.

If you as rich samaritan would prefer buying me an Apple 15″ Powerbook rather, I would probably not complain either.

5 thoughts on “Centrino Notebooks”

  1. Does this notebook have one of those “Cameltoe” processors you (or Paul) referred to, the other week? And you still want one? :-)

  2. Why not sell your soul to Microsoft Research and *earn* the money to buy that machine instead of begging random innocent readers of your weblog. Even “Straatkrant” vendors have the decency to offer something in return for cash. What can a (slightly mistaken in his/her ways) maecenas expect in return
    from you? Working suspend-to-disk so that people can quickly close the laptop when the boss enters while
    they are browsing cameltoe.org?


    Oh, and just in case someone actually gives you that laptop: GIVE ME ONE TOO!

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