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Paul just pointed this out: In Ximian Evolution, open your “Summary” window, Select “Tools|Settings” from the menubar, select the “News Feeds” tab under “Summary Preferences”, click on the “Add news feed” button and add this URL: Now select this feed from the left hand list and click on the “Add” button in the middle.

Your Evolution summary window will now contain a live listing of my weblog. JOY! Get this URL from any Movable Type weblog by copying the “Syndicate this site (XML)” link.

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  1. And if you are not using Ximian Evolution, but ARE using that fantastic News ticker with built-in Desktop (aka KDE), or the (in)famous Gkrellm status monitor with the News Plugin, you have even more joy, because Charl’s headlines will be scrolling on your screen all day long!

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