William Gibson knew it then…

This article in Wired documents the efforts of a scientist to restore sight with brain implants and external signal processing and optical acquisition equipment. It also mentions the work of one or two other scientists in the field.

I read Neuromancer years ago and it was very good. I read it very recently again and suffered a severe attack of goose-flesh. Gibson’s visions of the future are super-naturally accurate: if you haven’t read this book yet, stop what you’re doing now and start. You’ll see that virtual reality (AFAICR, Gibson coined the term “cyberspace”), brain implants, artificial human augmentation and artificial intelligence are all there and that the current state of affairs is excitingly close to the bleak picture that Gibson paints. I hope I live long enough to see where it ends…

3 thoughts on “William Gibson knew it then…”

  1. Hey… you do know that “goose-flesh” is a mixed up directly translated metaphor from Afrikaans to English right?

    Afrikaans : hoender vleis
    English (incorrect direct translation) : chicken flesh
    English (correct term) : goose bumps
    English (your mangled attempt) : goose-flesh

    Who said the fine art of creating neologisms is dead! :-)

  2. Indeed it seems that you (and the aforementioned esteemed dictionaries) are correct after all. With a sense of utter dread do I know contemplate my large serving of crow tonight with dinner (or would that be ‘humble pie’ before I err again?).

    I quess my ignorance stems from two things:

    1) Failure to consult the above mentioned dictionaries before opening my big yap.
    2) On numerous occations during the last 4 years I’ve used the terms ‘goose flesh’ and
    even worse ‘chicken flesh’ in conversation here in the States, to only be met with blank
    stares of utter non-comprehension.

    Again… my most humble apologies!

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