Toe matj toe sei, not enaf taim!

The laptop has arrived. It’s big, it’s bad and it’s a bit cranky, which is why I’ve decided to call it Dr Evil. It racks up a pretty respectable 1700 to 1800 FPS with glxgears and the bleeding edge DRI tree Radeon drivers. There is still a (known) problem w.r.t. switching to a VT and back which I’ve documented here. I will let you know if/when this is resolved. I am planning to generate more documentation in the form of a mini-review and of course a Linux howto for this laptop: stay tuned. All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase.

This lady is a fine artist. I rate her as one of the better jewels on EMusic. Take a listen…

Talking about emusic, I’ve written a Python script which understands RMPs (the album download format used by EMusic) so people don’t have to use FreeAMP, which can be buggy sometimes. This script invokes a downloader of your choice to download the MP3s themselves… this is FAST. At work, I can download an album in about 30 seconds. I’ll make this script available soon.

I’ve also written another Python script for renaming/moving MP3s according to embedded ID3V2 information and an arbitrary (freeform) user-supplied pattern. I could not find anything else on Linux that could do this for ID3V2. I’ll make this available soon too.