The years of pain are over.

Finally. At least in my case, Mozilla 0.9.9 has put an end to all these years of cursing at everyone and everything that might have contributed to the cauldron of fresh shit that was web-browsing on non-windows platforms. After having used 0.9.9 exclusively and extensively for 10 days now (and I practically live on the internet) my levels of stress and general malice have decreased considerably. Thank you very much Mozilla, I never really doubted you.

Ps. I still sincerely wish every “web-designer” that regurgitates non-compliant HTML a very unpleasant stay in Hell. May the pain and suffering be exquisite. If you don’t believe in Hell, may you be proven wrong so that you can burn whilst your innards are dined on by mean-looking insects. Forever and ever.

Pps. I said that my levels of malice have decreased considerably. I never said at which level they were to begin with.

Ppps. Spammers are even worse than web-kiddies that produce non-compliant code, but words are just not sufficient to describe my feelings towards the former parties.