Gooooooo Zimbabwe!

“Zimbabwe’s state grain board has impounded more than 36 000 tons of maize from commercial farmers, accusing them of hoarding, state media reported on Monday.” – see this article. Read it all, it’s a tribute to the shining intellects (NOT) of our brothers down there.

To make it even worse, 6000 tons were seized from a German-owned farm. Joseph Made, genius and agriculture minister, is quoted as saying: “We cannot have a situation where people are starving while others are withholding maize.” Hmmm, so if you have more, I can take what I want from you? I understand.

Made continues with this little gem of wisdom concerning the foreign investors: “We came up with arrangements to allow them to invest in good faith but when they start behaving like this they may have to go and invest in their own countries.” Words fail to describe the brilliance of this man. With his kind of prescience, Zimbabwe will be the most successful country in Africa yet!

So, maybe these Zimbabwean whizz-kids should have thought ahead when they started brutalising and killing the commercial farmers who USED to produce the grain that fed them? Oh wait, I probably can’t see the situation like they do, as I actually have more than one working brain-cell.