You can now also join the special head voices telegram group to stay up to date with this blog!

As an alternative to the email list, I have just setup a telegram group which you could join if you’d like to be kept up to date with posts from this blog via instant messenger!

If all goes according to plan, a notification should be sent to the group automatically whenever I publish a post over here.

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P.S. I first did this with IFTTT’s Telegram applet, but its post preview was pretty bad. TheFeedReaderBot seems to do a much better job!

Please update your email and RSS subscriptions (

Dear readers,

I will soon be starting a new life adventure. In fact, maybe even two of them. Hence, there is a significant probability that this weblog will again be updated more frequently in 2013.

Also, I have just changed the email and RSS subscription system:

  • If you were subscribed via email, please subscribe anew via the subscribe button to the right. If you still receive emails from feedburner concerning this blog, please unsubscribe using the instructions in those emails. The idea is to stop using the feedburner email subscription (which was active for the past few years) and to start using for this (the new system).
  • If you were subscribed via RSS reader, double check that your feed address is and NOT anything to do with feedburner anymore. The feedburner feed should redirect to my own feed in any case.

I hope that you have a fabulous vacation, and a happy and healthy 2013! I look forward to seeing you then.