I attended another shoulder replacement: this time a full replacement lasting a good 5 to 5.5 hours performed by the same skilled surgeon as the previous time. Very educational, with a relocation of the teres major and latissimus dorsi thrown in for good measure.

I have also decided to take a more relaxed approach by returning to level-set and fast-marching methods and dscas1 development: I’ve been spending lots of time on and getting all stressed up about some crackpot neural system ideas that I had. Thus, no Nobel prize this year.

BTW, that kernel patch is now in the ac kernels and should filter through to the main kernel tree at some stage.

Note to world: w3m still rules. I can use it to update via blogger.com (not even opera can do that) and when I edit my blog, w3m automatically opens my favourite text editor (jed, doh) to do this with.

After quite a bit of work, I’ve fixed a bug in linux kernel 2.4.4 on the VT82C686A south bridge. The patch is submitted to the mailing list, so now hold thumbs that it appears in 2.4.5 (or something).

One day, we’ll have a usable browser. Opera is fine, but the new b7 release for linux crashes a tad too often. It seems after all that mozilla, in spite of being HUGE, is the best we have. Actually, with the price of RAM at the moment, it’s not that bad a browser choice.

This weekend was a social occasion of note (yes, geeks have these too). PhotoPoint, where I used to keep all my photos, has decided to start charging for their services. It’s a really good service, but in this case I scripted something in python and sh which serves my purposes quite well. This also happened during the weekend (only geeks may do this type of thing during social occasions of note).