One day, we’ll have a usable browser. Opera is fine, but the new b7 release for linux crashes a tad too often. It seems after all that mozilla, in spite of being HUGE, is the best we have. Actually, with the price of RAM at the moment, it’s not that bad a browser choice.

This weekend was a social occasion of note (yes, geeks have these too). PhotoPoint, where I used to keep all my photos, has decided to start charging for their services. It’s a really good service, but in this case I scripted something in python and sh which serves my purposes quite well. This also happened during the weekend (only geeks may do this type of thing during social occasions of note).

Wheeeeeeee! The plugin system now has double the hair-raising ability. It does all kinds of cute things with plugin dependencies and object pools.

Tomorrow (and Saturday) we’re having demos. That means no work will get done, especially since my workstation is going to be part of the frikking demonstration.

I’ve been busy, very busy. You can download an anti-aliasing patch for XJed by clicking here and you can get an idea of what XJed looks like with anti-aliased font-rendering here.

Otherwise, the meetings just never stop. Fortunately they are interspersed with very interesting colloquia. Still, the net result of all this meeting and listening is that RealWork(tm) has to wait…

I almost bought an Olympus C990Z (US: D490Z) yesterday, but the stupid shop didn’t have any in stock and I didn’t feel like haggling about the display model. This seems like a very solid 2MP camera and if reviews can be believed, its only con is that it doesn’t have USB. At the moment it’s between this and the KODAK DC3400, which also seems like a good buy and is even a bit cheaper than the Olympus.