I’ve built and uploaded DEBs of the new JED B0.99-14 release. This will be available in unstable soon, and then the BTS reports should start streaming in. Yaaay. I should also make the AA-font patch for this version of JED available soon.

ASCI and stuff…

For the next three days I’ll be in a green place far far away… okay maybe it’s not so far away, but it is very green. I’m going to the annual conference of the Dutch Advanced School for Computing and Imaging which should be quite interesting. On Thursday (the second day of the conference) we will be going to Marjolein’s wedding reception!! Wheeee!

Monday is another holiday, which is good. It means this weekend will be a long weekend, which is always appreciated.


I’m reading everything I can get my hands on. It doesn’t really matter what it’s about, as long as it’s more or less interesting. I’ve reached a stage where it seems that I’ll need much more input before I can start yielding any kind of output again.

First post :)

Another day, another journal. LiveJournal looks a bit easier to manage (from the humble “blogger”‘s perspective) and as an added bonus it doesn’t make use of all kinds of weird client-side scripting, meaning that there are many more choices w.r.t. the client that you can use.