KDE 2.1

The KDE programming environment (APIs, documentation, conventions) is quite impressive. After having played around with konqueror (which is an impressive application in itself) I decided to have a glance at how KDE itself has progressed since I last had a quick look (1.x somewhere). It’s still a shame about the use of Qt. I know that this is a good library and that it’s free for the development of free software for X11, but that’s still not absolutely free.

I have nothing against proprietary software (I’ve written a few lines myself) but for something like KDE it would have been nice if its use were entirely unrestricted, i.e. for the development of free and commercial software on any platform.

In spite of this, the KDE programming environment is still worth spending some time on, and so I will continue… :)


I’ve built and uploaded DEBs of the new JED B0.99-14 release. This will be available in unstable soon, and then the BTS reports should start streaming in. Yaaay. I should also make the AA-font patch for this version of JED available soon.

ASCI and stuff…

For the next three days I’ll be in a green place far far away… okay maybe it’s not so far away, but it is very green. I’m going to the annual conference of the Dutch Advanced School for Computing and Imaging which should be quite interesting. On Thursday (the second day of the conference) we will be going to Marjolein’s wedding reception!! Wheeee!

Monday is another holiday, which is good. It means this weekend will be a long weekend, which is always appreciated.